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Donna and I wanted to send you a note expressing our sincere appreciation and satisfaction with the home you built for us. After losing our house during Hurricane Sandy, we weren’t sure what our beach future held for us. The house you built us exceeded our wildest expectations and made our place in Normandy Beach home again.The quality of the construction, craftsmanship, and attention to detail was fantastic. However, what we appreciate most about our home building experience was your project management skills, professionalism, and creativity. Living in Texas, we were wholly dependent on your communications and had to trust all the work was being done. We were never let down. The house was delivered as promised, on time, and most importantly on budget. We really appreciated your weekly phone calls providing us with status. FaceTiming with Donna to show her options for stair wall to ensure it was built the way we envisioned was really creative and indicative of your attention to detail and commitment to your customers.

– Mike & Donna

After talking to a number of people who had Conklin Construction build their homes and never hearing a negative remark, we decided to have Mark Conklin build our home without putting it out for bid. Not once did we regret this decision. He said he would stand by his work and us, and he would be there for us whenever we need him. Our contract was presented in such detail that there were no surprises throughout the building process. As the job progressed, every detail was noted and itemized. Mark’s subcontractors were reliable and fair. He has an ongoing relationship with most of them and there is tremendous mutual respect between them. Though our house was being built in the middle of the Sandy aftermath and with so many difficulties on our beloved island, Mark worked to get our house completed in time for us to be in the following summer. We worked together to build a wonderful home and a lasting friendship.

– Frank & Phyllis

When you renovated the second and third floors of our home in Normandy Beach in 2009 and 2010 the architect and
you had to determine whether a 30 foot girder facing the ocean side should be one piece or two. You chose the more difficult route of installing one piece with no seam in the middle. When Super Storm Sandy came along on October 29, 2012 our home sustained major damage and initially was designated for “Immediate Demolition”. However, the home was saved because of your decision to use one single piece beam two years earlier. Three of the four support posts that held that beam came down in the storm and only one of the middle posts held up the house. By November of last year you had completed our first floor rebuilding process and were able to occupy the home once again. Thanks ever so much for your hard work and caring manner through the difficult rebuilding phase.

– John

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